Help Your Pet Through the Noise

Thunderstorm and July 4th "Noise"

Survival Guide for Pet Parents

We have tactics, herbs, and coping strategies to help even the most nervous pet.

This worksheet is vet-created, pet-parent-approved. These tips will help you prepare for the triggers that alarm your pets and help you prepare them for the "noise".  

You'll be surprised at all the things you can do to assist your pet in calming down! Helping your dog or cat become less nervous has never been easier with these simple steps.

Creating a safe spot and giving your pet a cozy place to retreat to can help ease their fears!

Implement behavior modifications - consider adding a dog training session or exercise before you know they will experience a stressor.  With calming supplements (we give you a full protocol) and the other tips in the guide, you can help your pet weather the storm with less anxiety.

Your Pet-Friendly Noise Guide is the brain-child of:

Dr. Karen Becker


Rodney Habib

Creator of Planet Paws


Four-Legged Inspiration

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